Victoria’s Secret Yellow Lace Set

  • Super push-up if you want to fake titties yourself!
  • Or just enjoy my scents ;)

Since my breasticles are never gonna hang due to their rather… miniature size (A/B), I favor push-up bras. So this one is from VS Miracle collection - miraculously, it looks I have tits! A thong, on the other hand, I am always able to pull off :)) This one is all lace and somehow constantly almost inside my pussy. Cotton gusset. The soft yellow is on the innocent side, but looks hot when I’m tan! The additional pics are HOT.

Bonus pics
0 $
Short modeling video
10 $
1 extra day of wear
10 $
2 extra days of wear
20 $
10 $
10 $
Skid marks
10 $