Plain White Bikini

  • Soft, stretchy cotton
  • Snug pussy fit
  • Good price!

This is a really simple no-frills bikini-cut panty - white cotton, generous gusset, the perfect essentials to catch the essentials of lust & pleasure!

I know many of you have a fixation on this very simple yet effective piece: a simple pair of white cotton fullback panties, tight around a girl’s ass and pussy. Who am I to deny you this pleasure? :-)

Choose between pink or turquoise trim!

Will be worn around the clock for at least 24 hours - I’ll make sure you love it!

Bonus pics
0 $
Short modeling video
10 $
1 extra day of wear
10 $
2 extra days of wear
20 $
10 $
10 $
Skid marks
10 $