Victoria’s Secret Satin G-String

  • Ultra slinky smooth fabric
  • Dental-floss back
  • Free pussy close-up - don’t forget to ask!

Absolutely irresistible..! Smooth stretchy satin with enticing lace and contrasting satin bow. Guaranteed hours of fun ;-) COMES WITH A FREE PUSSY CLOSE-UP! Mmmmh… I am looking forward to wearing this one for you baby!

Don’t forget to tell me the color you want (red, baby pink or nude) - I have one of each!

The cotton crotch catches all my delicious pussy juices and scents - as always, minimum 24 hours wear.

Bonus pics
0 $
Short modeling video
10 $
1 extra day of wear
10 $
2 extra days of wear
20 $
10 $
10 $
Skid marks
10 $