Crotchless Pantyhose RED or NUDE

  • Reinforced toe
  • Thigh-highs design
  • Choose from red or nude
  • Hot!!!

First sex shop purchase of the year! The red hot pair of pantyhose basically for home use hehe! The nude pair looks inconspicuous enough for sneaky out-of-home use, given the extremely easy access to my dripping pussy - if you have the balls to push me against the wall and lift my skirt :p

Standard wear is one day. Let me know if you’d like it worn without panties! Might get snagged in spots or even ripped by the time you buy it.

Don’t forget me know which color you want!

Bonus pics
0 $
Short modeling video
10 $
1 extra day of wear
10 $
2 extra days of wear
20 $
10 $
10 $
Skid marks
10 $