Black Sequins Bikini Bottom

  • Side-tie
  • Adorable sequins detailing

This black biniki bottom is from the Italian Calzedonia - one of my favorite European brands, always fun designs in lingerie, swim and hosiery (check out their socks!) Anyway, this is a cute side-tie botton - imagine untying it, it would fall right to the floor! - with lovely sequins detailing on it. Can wear it for a day to the beach or pool depending on the season, or just wear instead of a panty for a day for you - let me know how you want it!

Last but not least - the bonus pics are plentiful and gorgeous!

Bonus pics
0 $
Short modeling video
10 $
1 extra day of wear
10 $
2 extra days of wear
20 $
10 $
10 $
Skid marks
10 $