Love a deal?

Even before I launched the website, back in the day of HTML1, I became a member of an adult auction site, the first of its kind, that still exists until today in its original (HTML1) version: EBANNED.

Now that this is over, I’m supporting SINFULBIDS that is to open very soon!!

Oh the fun I’ve had! Keep having, actually. I’ve made some friendship on ebanned over the years that are still going until today. Not to mention that bidding and watching the bids roll in is an exciting process for many.

A priori though my items that were on ebanned were all good buys, often listed at half-price of what you see on the site, either because I want to offer a deal to my fans, or unload some inventory (you’ll agree my stock is huge and my lingerie drawers are regularly overflowing!), or have a one-off item that is too much work to list on the site. One way or another, auctions are usually a win-win for you and for me :)

See you soon on SINFULBIDS

So, without further ado, TA-DAAA:

If you check and none are listed - simply keep checking back every once in a while ;)

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