Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I order?

A. Simply fill out all your information under the item you’d like to get your dirty little paws on and click the “Place Order” button. I’ll be in touch with payment instructions and then we’re in business ;)

Q. How young are you?

A. How impolite! LOL! OK ok, I am in my late 20s - soon early 30s.

Q. Who takes pictures of you?

A. Yours truly. I used to have a camera, but it drowned taking pictures of me modeling a bikini on a beach in Brazil. So now it’s just me and my trusty iPhone.

Q. Are you really really the girl in the pictures?

A. Yes, I am! What else can I say? All you see here is moi.

Q. How do I know for sure you are the girl in the pictures and not some ugly chick or a weird guy?

A. Well… If you are still skeptical, with your order, I can send you a pic of me holding a sign with your name, which is the standard verification procedure on big panty-selling websites, how ‘bout that?

Plus, think about it: it would simply be too much work if it were not really me - where would I get the time and a hot model to pose whenever I need to ship out a pair or post new stuff?? I have a life apart from my panty obsession ;)

Q. Will I ever be able to see your face?

A. In spite of the fact that I LOVE doing this site and everything that has to do with it (including shopping for cute panties, wearing them, interacting with my awesome fans and buyers, etc.) , I am a private person in everyday life, and would like to keep this little naughty secret between you and me ;) However, I guarantee that the totality of me including my face is pretty much “everybody’s type” - I get plenty of attention even when I am not showing off underwear ;)

Q. Will you ever consider sending me a picture of your face?

A. Right now I am not considering showing my face. Please read the answer above.

Q. Do you have a boyfriend… or a girlfriend?

A. Sometimes… and you may be able to get some special requests thanks to that, if you’re into it ;)

Q. Do you have any preferences as to what kind of panties you like?

A. I do not discriminate any panty by color, cut or fabric. Anything that is lacy, stretchy, cute, sexy, patterned, colorful, original, skimpy or generous will do fine by me. They just must fit well ;)

Q. Why do you sell your panties on the internet?

A. Well, this website started when me and my then roommates were students at Columbia University in New York. We had a “passion” for VS, hot lingerie, sexy legwear & Co., and since they turned us on, we thought we would share our little secret with the world. Not to mention it helped us pay bills in one of the most expensive cities in the world and provided for hours of fun around the house. In the meantime, we don’t live together anymore and my girls stopped selling, but I got spoiled by the never-ending supply of sexy intimates and now have to keep selling them to keep making room for more :D

Q. Have you been doing this site for a long time?

A. The short answer is yes. By now, I know exactly what my buyers want and expect, and have a ton of amazing reviews and feedback to prove it. The chances you’ll get disappointed by any items you buy from me are pretty much zero to none.

Q. Do you do modeling, stripping, anything I would like to know about?

A. Only in the privacy of my own bedroom ;) I used to do some print modeling. But no, apart from what you see here, I do not engage in any ‘adult’ business.

Q. What is your sexual orientation?

A. I’ve figured out I am straight, but not before some open-minded exploration… :p

Q. Do you smoke? A. Absolutely NOT! My used worn intimates are just my pure female scent. I also don’t have pets, so no fear of allergies.

Q. Where do you ship? If I am in Europe or Asia, may I still have the pleasure of your used panties?

A. The better question is where I ship from. Currently it’s Paris, the one in France, but sometimes it can be another European city - I like to travel. I also notify my favorite buyers in the US and Canada when I go back to NYC as well. But generally, fear not, I will ship to my biggest fans around the world.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Discreet online payments at this time, and working on a more permanent payment solution that would accept credit cards. I may sometimes accept GiftRocket and Victoria’s Secret gift cards.

Q. Discretion is important to me. I have a wife/girlfriend/housemate/roommate…

A. Believe me: discretion is also important to me! I use regular postal service and unmarked poly envelopes - or regular boxes when shipping bigger items like shoes. The return address will be a P.0. Box address, and there will be no name, or sign that there is a sweet treat inside of such a plain package. This dirty little secret is just between you and me ;)

Q. How long will I have to wait for my panties?

A. It depends. Every single item you will find on this site is worn, prepared, packaged and mailed by ONLY me. I do not have anyone “helping” me. I am a real girl and I personally wear every single item you get. When you buy something, I actually set aside a certain number of days for YOU and ONLY YOU. In the meantime, I barely get to wash my underwear - more often than not it goes straight to the post office - and I have to consult my records to see what panties I am supposed to wear on almost any given day. Depending on the number of orders I have, it could be a bit of a wait, but.. good things come to those who wait, and I assure you, it’s worth it. If it is more than 3 days before I can ship, I’d usually let you know. Also, please note that it does take a bit longer when that “scheduled monthly maintenance” takes place - unless of course you’re into that fetish.

Q. Will you wear panties I send to you and send them back to me?

A. Sure, why not? I always welcome new undies, even if I get to own them for only a day or two! Just make sure that they are brand new, and they MUST have the tags on them still! You can email me to work out the details.

Q. The price of your panties are higher than other girls, why?

A. The short answer is because I am hot. Humble, too! LOL. Seriously though now: I have a lot of “repeat business” - you try me once and you just can’t get enough… that’s because you get what you pay for - just read my reviews ;) And while I am at it: a BIG SINCERE THANK YOU to all my loyal buyers!!!

Q. What exactly do you do with your items before they are shipped out?

A. I wear your panties for a full day and a night - for most of my fans, my “standard wear” is more than enough to send them over the edge ;) Options include additional wear ($10 per day, 3 days total wear max.) and playtime ($10). I don’t do stuffing, but don’t be shy to ask me about other options - I don’t do everything, but I am pretty open-minded ;) Once I am satisfied with the condition of the item that I’ll mail to you, I pack it into a ziplock and then into a non-descript poly envelope with a PO Box as a return address and no indication of what’s inside or who it is coming from. If a customs form is required for international shipping, I check the box for “Gift” so you don’t have to pay any import duties and write “Socks” in the description.

Q. Can I request a phone sex session with you?

A. I am a bit of an introvert, to be completely honest… so yeah, phone sex or camming isn’t something that would be fun for me or you, for that matter - you’d have to do all the talking lol.

Q. Do you have any video or web cams where I can see you live?

A. 1) For my privacy and protection, I don’t really do anything that shows my face for reasons that are obvious as explained above, so the answer is “no.” 2) See the answer above.

Q. Can you show your face in a custom “made just for me” photo?

A. Unfortunately, I cannot provide this for the same reasons of discretion (what if I decide to run for president one day??), but I hope you do enjoy the photos I have on the site as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr (yes, follow me there for your daily portion of Nadia ;)) because from the feedback I get, they are enjoyable enough!

Q. Do you take requests for other items like stockings, socks, or anything else I may want?

A. Of course! If you have a special request for anything like that, just let me know and more likely than not, I will be able to get you your cock’s desire. Just email me to set up details.

Q. Can I request a custom photo/photos?

A. Well. While taking pics is fun and quite arousing if I do say so myself, it is also quite time-consuming, so these days, I would only take a custom request if you make it worth my while. Yeah, I know how it sounds. But honestly, there is so much free stuff on the Internet, and so much free stuff on my social media, that you have to be a real fan of poor old me to want custom pics from me. At which point I would do my very best to make you very happy if you make me very happy, even though it won’t be very cheap.

That said, if you really really need a verification photo, I’ll take a pic especially for you wearing the panties you paid for and holding up a sign with your name - that’s no problem, and I can do it for FREE :)

Q. How can I contact you?

A. The best way is email if you have any questions or requests that you do not see on the website, or if you want to give rocking feedback, or have a suggestion :) Otherwise, contact via Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr works too.

Q. Do you like receiving gifts?

A. Who doesn’t? :)) I love surprises! Gift certificates for spas, clothing, manicures, pedicures are awesome. I also love… panties, lingerie, stockings, shoes and… cash!

Q. I have a question that I don’t see answered here…

A. Email me! I always love hearing from my fans and future fans ;)